Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sarah Palin & Clothes As Weapons of War!

When the world found out that Sarah Palin had purchased a $150 000 makeover it was in awe.
In the midst of a pending economic recession in the USA as well as prevailing poverty throughout the global community, it seemed like an unimaginable amount of money for one women to spend on her clothes alone. Yet these were more than extravagant pieces of designer clothing. These were Palin's Weapons of War. Her fervent battle to be accepted by us as a candidate worthy of the title of Vice President to the President of the United States of America. These were part of the key components of Sarah Palins external persona by which she had the opportunity to project who she was to the international community. It was by the manner in which she carried herself and her very look that some voters would immediately reject or accept her on sight.
Celebrity stylist Sandy Dumont questioned whether or not this was a White House worthy change in her appearance. In M/s Dumont's opinion Sarah Palin's image was not consistent and although she might have appeared " attractive and perky" in a red suit or "pale and washed out" in her peach suit, she however failed to achieve the most crucial thing and that was to project power and leadership qualities in her appearance. This is not a critic of Sarah Palin as a canditate merely a commentry on the absence of effective Image Consulting in a very important context. Her stylist should not have put her in clothes that made us focus on her attractiveness but rather sever styled, dark business suits that made us focus only on her message and what she had to say. Even as an Image Consultant I believe that the woman makes the clothes, the clothes do not make the woman. It is my job as a stylist to try and find the latent potential which already exists in my clients and guide them to find themselves and express it through their wardrobe. It is ultimately a process of "self discovery". If we payed little attention to Politics before as shopping diva's and fashionista's, this Historical election taught us all a valuable lesson. Appearances Do Matter! We cannot rise to our greatest heights if we are hindered by the wrong appearance. This is especially true for all women aspiring to positions of power. Our Clothes are our Weapons of War. We are either wise generals and use them to conquer our fears and achieve our true goals and our greatest success. Or we are unaware of our poor or inappropriate image and our dreams are slain to die an unfashionable death.

ChiChi Couture. ( Fashion Blogger)